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“It’s a very effective way to create change for good,”  -


In developing nations 3.2 million children under the age of 5 die each year from drinking contaminated water. The water most poor African communities drink is from unmonitored water sources like boreholes and open wells. Because there is currently no practical and affordable way to monitor most of the 700 000+ boreholes that supply water to most Africans, contaminated water sources often go undetected and unreported for weeks or for years. Today more than 250 million people worldwide succumb to diseases related to water pollution. 


What if a cost-effective way to monitor each of Africa's 700 000+ water source in real time could be found? a solution that could offer an immediate response to water contamination cases and one that could tell authorities and the public where exactly that contamination is, a solution that could save millions of lives. We are developing something that does just that. 


Emaji (E-water in Swahili) is an autonomous cloud-driven low cost water quality monitoring system that monitors multiple water quality parameters at a drinking water source in real time. If a contamination is detected, the system then uses a built-in GPRS transmitter to send GPS coordinates of the contaminated water source to authorities to facilitate a speedy reaction, but not before the self-powered low cost device shuts down the contaminated water source using an electronic solar powered water valve.


The E-maji device is a portable, solar powered, autonomous system that requires no human operator or complicated operation procedures. Its is affordable to buy, easy to install and simple to maintain. 

Realtime Detection

The E-maji device monitors critical  water quality parameters everyday around the clock to ensure that the water supply is always safe. Whenever a contamination occurs, the device will detect it within a matter of minutes or hours. 

Realtime Notification

When a contamination is detected, the E-maji device response immediately  by shutting off water supply and notifying authorities and concerned parties. The entire process is automated. 


“While (the) market is in Africa, e-Maji has a real global reach,”  


We have designed a cost-effective device that allows anyone to monitor the quality of the water they drink in realtime and to autonomously cut of supply when a contamination is detected

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We'd love to get in touch and share with you our wonderful journey so far. We are also looking for people and organistions that would want join us on this amazing adventure, 

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